Home design trends for 2019

Jun 5th 2019

Every year comes with new trends when it comes to fashion, building, decoration and even interior design, so it’s very valuable to keep updated with the latest patterns and ideas.

This year has come with some news on home decoration trends so pick your favorite ones to add to your home.

At WCI Custom Builders we keep the track of every trend to offer only the best to our demanding clients because they trust in our experience and we are committed to honoring that trust.

  1. Floral patterns: a classic but never old decoration trend, that keeps getting refreshed and never dies. It seems to come on exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors to give a new life to spaces.
  3. Powerful color palettes: it's time to add color and have a richer offer. The correct use of colors can help on making spaces less overwhelming by giving a visual softness so this is a great tool to improve decorations. You can even refresh some elements only by changing the color, it helps on the budget too! Be prepared for deeper reds, bold yellows and stronger greens.
  5. Classic never is wrong: a black and white decor is never off trend, this is a timeless trend and gives an amazing contrast and balance to spaces.
  7. Geometric patterns: keeping the line of the floral ones, this is very trendy for 2019. Prepare to see bolder colors in oversized geometric patterns; this is a more artistic and expressive trend but very chic too.
  9. Usage of lighting: it's time for vintage lighting, being less exposed with pendants in materials like brass and copper.
  11. All about yellow: burnt yellow isn't dramatic anymore, so the bolder is better as a color for happiness and cheer so you cannot miss this color in your home decoration. Give some joy to your decoration with elements on this shade.

Some other important trends to keep on mind are related to adding artisanal fixtures for more unconventional customers; or some natural elements like stone, concrete, granite and copper; powerful and energizing colors as pink and red; dramatic effects with matte finishes and the usage of unexpected materials to create pieces like canopy beds or bucket sinks by giving a new life to older trends that can be refreshed to our days.

Whatever the case is, you must choose the trends that fit the better to who you are, what you like and your own personal style; you can never forget that your home is a reflection of who you are and what you want to communicate to others, so you better be sure you're giving the right message.