Find Your Home Style

Jan 13th 2022
Craftsman Home

Whether you prefer a modern or traditional home, there is an architectural style for you. Sleek contemporary exteriors take advantage of the latest advances in building, while more traditional home styles exude warmth and comfort. Discover your home style and start planning your custom home build today.

Craftsman Homes

Exposed beams and overhanging roof lines are a common feature of the Craftsman home style. Covered front porches with heavy tapered columns frame the front of the house. When you think of a Victorian home, you picture ornamental decorations and formal finishes. The American Craftsman home is the opposite. Using natural materials and a style that looks built by hand, the Craftsman is a popular homestyle for those who prefer an uncluttered and clean-looking home exterior.

The Contemporary Home

Today’s contemporary home embraces clean lines and is often built using natural and sustainable building materials, like wood and stone. Large windows and undisturbed views connect homeowners to the outdoors. Contemporary homes borrow a lot of design from the MidCentury Modern movement, popular in the 1920s. Sharp angles, exciting textures and blocks of neutral colors define the contemporary home.

American Cape Cod Homes

The Cape Cod home architectural style is as American as apple pie. The first Cape Cod homes were built by English settlers in the New England area of the United States. The architectural look is still a popular home style today. A large centrally-located fireplace and chimney keeps the home warm through cold winters. The steep roofs handle snow, rain and weather efficiently. Dormers upstairs are a signature look of the Cape Cod home. Originally, the homes were built with thatched roofs and shingle siding, although today the home style is built with more sturdy building materials, like brick exteriors. Cape Cod homes invoke a cottage feel.

Farm House

Farm houses aren’t just for farmers anymore. Modern and traditional farm houses are popular today. Functionality is the main focus of the Farm House style. Large, open living spaces, high ceilings and a cozy front porch add to a comfortable lifestyle. Exteriors are often white-washed with natural wood highlights and dark shingle roofs.

These are just a few of the many different home styles available today. Contact the custom home designers at WCI Custo Homes to begin to build your dream home today. Contact us today. (800) 337-1401