4 Myths about custom building a new home

May 20th 2019

When it comes to choosing a new home there is a lot to think about and it might feel overwhelming if you don´t have the complete information about the benefits and problems you could face in the way.

There is a lot of contradictory information and you have to be very careful about who you believe in because not everything we read is true.

At WCI Custom Builders we specialize in building the perfect home, the place of your dreams by becoming a team and guiding you through your home building journey from start to finish.

But this kind of process may be surrounded by many myths and some true too, so better be sure to choose only experts like us to help you on this path.

  1. Costs: the process of building a custom home allows the client to be part of the creation and design of the new home, he gets to choose from the lot to the colors the place will have. Because of this, the belief that custom built homes are more expensive than pre-existing or semi-custom homes is only true if a client makes it that way.
  2. Knowledge: people get intimidates by the idea of designing their new home, it’s a lot of pressure to take, but this is only a myth if you hire the right team for the job.
    At WCI Custom Builders we are right there beside you every step of the way, from creating the floor plans to choosing the right layout for you. We count on a professional team qualified to guide you on everything you need. It doesn't have to feel like an additional job for you, this could be really fun and charming!
  3. Time: this myth can easily become true, this is a process that requires time and patience, it’s a way to go, especially when it comes to building your dream house. However, the results of this process will definitely worth it.
  4. Quality: some may think that a custom built home jeopardize the quality of the house, but on the contrary, you will have a less likely chance of running the risk of poor quality construction and cheap elements of prefabrication.

So, if you were wondering about buildings custom home, now you have some tips to keep in mind.

Working with us will make you feel sure about having a staff member that will be with you through the whole building process and including you on every minor and major decision, making sure you are constantly in the loop.

Don't hesitate anymore, work with us and prepare to live in the house of your dreams!